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Cool show alert!!

In today's Mail Star/Chronicle Herald
there is a story about Cinnamon Toast's
Two year anniversity. On Aug 28 94
there will be a party at the Cambridge Battery
in Point Pleasant Park, Halifax

Performances by:  Moonsocket (Chris T of ET)
                  Broken Girl (Juile D of ET)
                  Trike (former Quahog members)
                  The Horn O Plenti
                  Allison Outhit (Bubaiskull)

Aug 28th 1994 2-11 pm
Be there


"Kinda like punk and dreaminess combined     | Adam Rodenhiser, using
 and stuff like that. (We) try to make our   | his brother's account 
 songs as precious and magical as possible." | for the summer months.  
       Mark G describing E.T.'s music        | aka dWIGHT fRY, 6X9=42   
        to _The New Music Magazine_          | aproden\!/ac.dal.ca      	

P.S     I also like Patrick Pentland's Voice.    :)