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More _Twice_Removed_

James did a pretty thorough review of the Album, but for those who are 
interested, here's some stuff from the mouths of the artists themselves... 
If you want to see it without my typos, it's part of the press material that
MCA sent out with the album.

_The Album_
The members of SLOAN recently talked about the songs on the band's second album,_TWICE REMOVED_ (DGC Records).  Produced by JIM RONDINELLI (Matthew Sweet, 
Eleventh Dream Day, Big Star) and SLOAN, _TWICE REMOVED_ was recorded in 
Hoboken, New Jersy and New York City from January to March 1994.

"Pen Pals":  "We stole two fan letters written to another band and wrote the 
song as if the two fans were writing to each other.  Their names?  That would
be bad taste to say." -Murphy

"I Hate My Generation":  "It makes me nervous to use the word 'generation' 
because it looks like I'm commenting on Generation X.  I'm not.  Nor am I 
slagging Pete Townsend.  It's about the awkwardness of being pigeonholed as 
having a certain attitude.  It's my reaction to the fact that I have no 
affinity for slackers at all."  -ferguson

"People of the Sky":  "A song inspired by Bob Dylan about a couple of dogs in 
the park who fight over a bone.  One dog gives the bone to another dog that the
first dog wasn't friends with.  The dogs then have to go to therapy, where they
take an oath to get neutered and join a doggie monastery." -Scott

"Coax Me":  "A metaphor about signing our record deal and the feeling that 
something is lost." -Murphy

"Bells On":  "This is so literal, it's ridiculous.  It's about when my uncle
died and I went to Prince Edward Island for the funeral." -Murphy

"Loosens":  "Another breakup.  I'm a sucker for crybaby lyrics.  but it's also
about whether what you're doing is what you want to do.  What happened to us
happened so fast.  We had to make some important personal decisions.  When you
go on tour, you put your life on hold."

"Worried Now":  Being away from home and friends.  Being torn apart by reality."-Pentland

"Shame, Shame":  "An infatuation that begins with a simple accross-the-room 
look." -Murphy

"Snowsuit Sound":  "Have you ever worn a snowsuit?  A friend and I were lauging
about the sound it makes when you walk." -Ferguson

"Before I Do":  "The inspiration was my dad, who died.  But that's just an
excuse to write a little story.  It's fiction inspired by true life.  The story
is the Current Affair or Hard Copy episode on the album." -Scott

"I Can Feel It": "My life's taken a big turn.  I like what I do now.  So the 
lyrics to this song are negative but the chorus is more positive.  It deals 
with different girls in my life, including my sister." -Pentland

OK, so there it is.  I like the album... it grows on you the more you listen to
it too.  I still think they sound a bit like The Who, but I think that's just