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Re: idea

Waye Mason, <DSUCHAIR\!/ac.dal.ca> who shops at IGA with his Mom with 
minimal embarrassment :), suggested:

}I'm wondering if folks are interested/aware/intrigued by the idea of
}moving Sloan net over to the Chubucto Freenet?  The mailing list
}software allows for real listserv,

I think that messrs. Schuman and Covey desired this from day one, but 
didn't find access to a listserv.

}This means you could reply to mail when you read it, instead of re-
}entering the sloan net address.

Some of us with real editors don't have to worry about that :)  Even on 
the Dal VAX, you can set up a PMDF alias and just type To: in%sloan rather 
than have to type the whole address in quotes and not mispell :) it.  Ask 
me or the help desk for instructions.

}It also means that it could be set up as a bulliten board at the 
}freenet, so locals could read it like a newsgroup,
}and interact through the public terminals in the Libraries.

That could be cool.

}Also, the net would be automated, so the subscribe and unsubscribe would
}be based around the message subject, instead of Scott having to do it manuall

This is almost a necessity, as Scott has become such a lurker that 
some people actually believe that James runs this list :)

}Even more controversially, how about changing the name to AC-scene or 
}something more representative of Nfld, Moncton etc...

If we can come up with a name easily recognizable to outsiders.  AC-scene 
made me think of Alice Cooper before Atlantic Canada.  I think Sloan is in 
fact a good name in terms of meaning something to someone who knows about 
our scene.

}just that we haven't really talked much about Sloan recently, even with 
}the new album,

Yeah, why is that?  I'm sure that more than a few of us have heard the 
album (though I haven't).  Opinions, disappointments, satisfaction?  Hasn't 
there been any good press to repost?

When will Chris get online and post his review? :)