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band members names for my ultra cool www site

I need to know the of the people in these bands (and what they play)
I know only about 1/3 so please help me out

% Al Tuck and No Action 
% The Big Picture 
% Eric's Trip 
% Essen 
% Hardship Post 
% Hip Club Groove 
% Horseshoes & Handgrenades 
% jale 
% Merge 
% Plumtree 
% Resin 
% Sloan 
% Spine 
% Superfriendz 
% Thrush Hermit

I am on the verge of announcing my Halifax Music web site on a large 
scale. The more info I have, the better. Is there a murderecords catolog
typed in somewhere? Do any of these bands have any sort of press releases?
It would be nice to include that sort of stuff.

In case you have no idea of what I am talking about, the web is...hmm...
it's global hypermedia. For instance, if you were to run a program like
Mosaic (a web browser) and click on a band name above, you would be 
presented with a "page" about that band - with photos, text and links
to anything related to that particular band. The web is becoming hugely
popular. I forget the stats (Bill?) but after my page is announced it would
not be strange for there to be a couple hundred accesses a day.

So please send me info and ask whoever you are getting your net feed from
how you can access the web.

Basically, if you have any info on the Halifax scene (especially what I 
requested above) please pass it on. It will be viewed by thousands quite
soon. I already have links to about 40 of my photos, incomplete info on
the above bands + links to lyrics, interviews and catologues (which are most
likely out of date). 

thanks in advance,
mike g.

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