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Re: the halifax (Kiss) explosion of 1994

Michael Ball <ballm\!/gov.on.ca> commented

}On Wed, 20 Jul 1994, Robert M Keefe wrote:
}> Speaking of class it seems strange that the thread on the Canadian 
}> explosion was overtaken by a thread on the American band Kiss.  Life is 
}> strange.

Not strange when you know that Derek and I both are rabid Kiss fans, and 
as Katrina pointed out, Sloan (and also TH and a few other local bands) 
are quite Kiss-influenced.  There was even a Kissmas Party last year at 
the Deuce, very cool.
I prefer the old Kiss tribute album, but I haven't had much chance to play 
the new one.  After waiting through over a year of hype on the Kissarmy 
list, and all the bands who wound up not playing on it (NIN being a big 
loss) it was a disappointment to me.

}Hey, that almost sounds like a cool name for an article or compilation CD.
}    'The Halifax Explosion' rocks the country. Details on page 3.

Well, does anyone remember the name of that little underground pop 
festival we had last year? :)  The word has been bounced around in several 
articles to describe our budding alternative scene and I'm pretty sure was 
suggested as a title for what became the Cod Can't Hear cd.  Please 
correct me if I'm wrong. :)