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Re: the halifax explosion of 1917

A message that came to me personally which I thought I should post, with 
comment, to back up my story.

Displaced Haligonian Derek Gates <dgates\!/alchemy.chem.utoronto.ca> 
responded to the discussion between James Covey and myself (I? Me? Help 
me, James, you English major you!) 

}> I'm talking about a church on the northwest arm, somewhere around the 
}> Fleming Park.  I don't recall what church, and I must admit that I don't 
}> remember having ever seen said anchor, but I'm not making the story up.  
}> I think it's common lore, or maybe I read it in "The Town That Died" (I 
}> forget the author, not as well known as Hugh McLennan) as a kid.
}Yes, it did land near Flemming park.  Also, people as far away as
}Sydney, NS are said to have felt the blast.  That's like 400km, or

When I said 100km, I was referring to Truro.  I didn't know the blast made 
it to Sydney. 

}For my money, I'd recommend "Halifax:  Warden of the North" by
}Thomas Radall for anyone who is interested in a readable history
}of the city from day one.

"For my money, you can't be too soon" (Sorry, Kiss joke)

}> }and yes the halifax explosion was *the* biggest
}> }manmade pre-hiroshima explosion, but you can't
}> }even find mention of it in many "standard" histories
}> }of north america, just one more reason why despite
}> }our hospitality we retain a certain cynicism around
}> }here about "people from away".   it really was *the*
}> }disaster of the 20th century in north america, and
}> }nobody knows about it...
}> I've never understood why our disaster story is not as interesting as 
}> America's countless earthquakes, tornados, forest fires, or even that 
}> stupid cow that burned down Chicago.  
}Well, in fact, the explosion was front page headlines in all major 
}papers in North America...NY Times, Boston Globe, etc...
}Today it appears as though it has been all but forgotten outside
}of Nova Scotia.
}I've even looked in those huge Time history books...they sometimes
}have displayed in book stores under that date...and there is no
}mention of this event...  It's not everyday that 2000 people are 
}killed...so you'd think this would make the history books...
}Also, I was kinda dissappointed in the fact that there was no mention
}of this event last Dec. 6 on the National news...  It seems as 
}though people here in Canada have forgotten about this.  All they
}talked about was the Montreal massacre (also a very tragic event)
}which occurred on Dec. 6 also.

Yeah, a really nice day to be born on, especially since I was an 
engineering student at the time (For those who don't know, a crazed 
misogynist, claiming that women had ruined his life, killed 14 female 
Engineering students at Ecole Polytechnique Dec 6 of I believe 1990).  Also 
the day in 1983 when my father had a near-fatal heart attack, and the day 
before Pearl Harbour.  And it's too damn close to Christmas, so you get 
shitty presents! (right, Scotto, fellow Saggitarian?)

}PS:  I once had someone from Upper Canada say to me, "You had a 
}big explosion down there a couple years ago"...I guess so, if
}a couple years = 75...
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}University of Toronto
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I feel redeemed.  Now, anyone want to start a musical discussion?? :)