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Gig 'o' rama... Hfx....

Square Pegs...

Wicked wicked wicked.  For a bunch of high school age kids from Guelph, they
sure do rock.  They are, to be fair, kind of rough and a little uninspired
at times.  Nice to see Pest is not the only mixed gender band in Canada
that can rock.


Thank god the live show kicked.  It was good to see the songs of the album
performed with some balls, something I feel the album lacks.  I am cynical
about the album but Shawn Duggan says it really grows on you.  It is a 
shocker the first time tho, clean guitar and pro-duct-shun.  But the show
was great, as everyone I think is aware I really prefer a good all ages show
to a stupid drunkin' rock fest, a well planned all ages show in the green room
often is as memorable for me as say Bite, Vic Chestnut or Scarce on one
of those really ON nights at the old Deuce.  So it was GREAT that Sloan 
was able to rock in front of the kids.  At least they get up and dance!  The 
show was fun, the songs were slick, I think its obvious which songs should
be singles (the second last two?  Mebe the last one as well?  Don't
know the names well enough yet) but I still fear the album is not going to 
be a run away hit.  Far from being poppy and commercial/alternative,
its rather arty, not that thats bad, but will it get them mentioned in 
Spin and such?


I didn't stay... what can I say, I never muched went for them, tho I can 
see why people like them, they are not my bag.  FYI, about 1/3 of the
crowd up and left when Sloan ended, of not more.  And frankly, thats not 
a suprise, as jale has never been a hit with the kids, they rarely 
have played all ages, and haven't impacted on that constituency.


was really disappointed, I think, but understanding of the family feud 
here in Halifax.  I talk to two of 'em who seemed fine with it but disappointed
that more people didn't show up, seeing as how many records and cassettes (!)
had been sold in this town since the one show at the Deuce.  
12 people at the Khyber show.  Yeck.  Really!  

Well, thats about all....  finally, David Ledden and I met face to face...
and I went to the Fungk-shun (sp?) after the fun at the Trade Mart.

BY THE WAY! ---  If any out of town bands are COMING and want to
make sure people know... MAIL ME POSTERS and I or my high school 
type friends will poster for you.  Its amazing, really, that people
are bringing great bands to great venues and NOBODY knows 'cause
posters are not put up outside of the fooking Mokka and the Dischord.


... bringing music the Fairview and Woodlawn since 1990....