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While accessing the WWW using Mosaic, I connected to MTV.COM. They 
have this great offer for unsigned bands to get exposed:


Here's the release:
Thanks for inquiring about our new unsigned bands offer.  There are two
different ways to get in on this outrageous once-in-a-lifetime offer.  Either
way you do it, we will put up two full mosaic pages including bio information
and dates, a photo, and one track of your choice for a period of three
months.  (We advise making sure the track is  copyrighted as we can't be
responsible for someone ripping it off).  We have over 35,000 users a day
from around the world and a high concentration of music biz people (labels,
journalists etc) check us out regularly.  

Here's where you make the choice.  If you happen to be a computer whiz-kid
and can provide us with all of the necessary files allready set up and ready
to go, the cost is FREE FREE FREE.  That's right, there will be no charge for
those of you who can deliver all materials to us in html format with all
images in .gif and sound files in .au or MAC formats!  Just UUencode them,
and send them to adam\!/mtv.com.

If you happen to be more like myself, then you can send us the information, a
picture and a song and for a fee of $100.00 we will set it up for you.
 (That's still a bargain)  To get started you need to send us a check, made
out to On Ramp, Inc. (Adam's company)--in care of VCRM (Adam's other company)
/PO Box 419/Cedar Grove/NJ/07009-0419.  Enclose your text (bio info dates
etc), photo (or GIF file), and the track on CD, DAT, or cassette and let 'er

Do it now!  Get in on this--it's going to be really cool.

Kenster J

I know what .GIF format and .AU format is, but I don't know what html 
format is or how to UUencode it!

If anyone has any information on this, PLEEEAAAASSEE mail me.



-       Robert Clifford Gibb    CGIBB\!/AE.NSAC.NS.CA                  -