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Julie Wrote:

> I have to admit that I haven't been following the Deuce controversy very
> closely lately and now that it affects us I want some more information.   
> Bite and Bliss are supposed to be playing three shows in Halifax sometime in
> early July.  I believe one of those shows is at the Deuce.    Bite talked
> about the boycott and we don't want to fuck anyone over,  but it's hard to
> book an east coast tour.  If we can't get good turnouts in a place like
> Halifax. We end up losing money we don't have in the first place.
> Why not support the bands at the Deuce with your admission but refuse to buy
> beer?  
> I'd really like to get a summary of what's gone on.  And let me know if there
> are any other alternatives
> Merci beaucoup, Julie

Hi Julie. In my opinion, you shouldn't play at the Deuce. I'm sure 
that Peter Rowan could get you a show at the Khyber Building (on 
Barrington St.). It's much cooler. 

Thrush Hermit, Super Friends, and Trike will be playing there this 
Fri. night.   And it will be LICENCED!

You're playing early July!?! Damn! T Hermit will be away.




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