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Re: The Orpheum Opera House

>Cod's Copilot <JRCOVEY\!/ac.dal.ca> jests:
>}Right, I can see it now.  The Halifax production of _Tommy_.
>}Who's gonna stand in for Roger Daltrey?  Chris Murphy?  :-)
>Nah, not skinny and fuzzy-headed enough.  Maybe Matt Murphy, or Joel 
>Plaskett, or the guy (Paul?) from CBH with the curly hair who worked at 
>the (old) Deuce.
>Pat Pentland could be Cousin Kevin, but who would be Uncle Ernie?  The 
>Acid Queen?
>Maybe we should mail out scripts?

Jim Cooper adds:

>Okay, here is my casting of stars for HaliTommy,
>I think Matt from Hardship Post definitely meets the fuzzy hair criteria,
>I don't know what kinda voice he's got, but who cares?... or hey, why not 
>HUB?  I think Alex Gillis should play Uncle Ernie, Jennie(Jale) and 
>Mike(HP) could be Tommy's mom and step dad, and Andrew Scott would be 
>cousin Kevin.  Chris Murphy gets to be the Pinball Wizard(next to Tommy), 
>and David Leden(sp?) could be the butler at Tommy's mansion.  Chris(Bubai 
>Slave) will be the priest, and Julie Doiron will replace Marylin Monroe.
>Special import for the Acid Queen, Sarah MacLaughlin(sp?).
>Special mention to Bengal Lancers for donating blinders, Shoppers Drug Mart 
>on Spring Garden for donating ear plugs and mouth stoppers provided by Mr. 
>There's more at the door, Jim

The Orpheum Opera House proudly presents HaliTommy
Starring Steve Ralston (singer for Dr. Skankworthy) as Tommy.
We need a part for Erin Hennessey (she is, after all, already writing
an opera! Bet she can act.) It might be difficult to make Andrew Scott
spend that much time in Halifax- better think of an understudy.
Cliffy G.?


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