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Re: Paramount

"No way?  Waye!" <DSUCHAIR\!/ac.dal.ca> filled our heads with accurate 
history but inaccurate science:

}Hah.  The Orpheum Oprea house was built in the 'teens.  I don't know exactly 
}when it became the Paramount.  The Opera House went through from Cinema 1 
}and Cinema 2 was  the balcony.  Uh, most 80 year old buildings had 
}asbestos in the walls.  Hell, my 20 year old cottage has asbestos behind the
}fireplace.  I bet the Deuce's ceiling has asbestos, under the tile.... 
}As long as you don't touch it (paint over it) then its okay...  its that
}spray foam stuff in the walls thats a problem, in homes built in the 70's
}and 80's....

The problem with disturbing asbestos is that in the process of removing 
it, neanderthal construction workers generally tear it apart, releasing 
tiny fibres into the air which lodge in the lungs of future occupants and 
thus expose them to the nasty carcinogenic stuff.  It is thus much 
safer to leave it in place, undisturbed, so as not to create asbestos 
dust (we all know how impossible it is to completely remove dust from a 
room).  Hidden behind cheap wallboard, asbestos is mostly harmless.

The spray foam stuff in the walls of '70s homes is urea formaldehyde 
polymer, which definitely has to be removed, because as it ages it 
decomposes to release formaldehyde vapours into the air.  The good news is 
that you'll be well preserved after you die, but the bad news is that this 
will accelerate the process.  My uncle had to tear down the walls of his 
house about 7 years ago to remove this stuff.  A lot of work even for a 
guy who owned his own construction company.  

Class dismissed!  :)

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