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from the chapel hill list

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Suppressed artists of the world!  Unrecognized columnar geniuses!  
Comediennes, comedians, commentators, and reviewers!  Want to reach that 
audience you've always deserved?

Oh, that's enough.  Listen, if you write about Chapel Hill music, Chapel 
Hill in general, are a local cartoonist or creative type, publish a local 
interest 'zine--basically, if you are creative in some way related to 
Chapel Hill--then I would like to publish your work over the Internet.  
A set of World Wide Web Mosaic pages (that'll be explained below) is 
being created about Chapel Hill, and we need material.

Any medium is welcome in this project.  Visual art is more difficult to
put up, although we do have access to a scanner.  Music (yes, music) is
possible, but will take a bit more effort--write to me special about that. 
However, that omnipotent and omnipresent medium, the printed word, is what
we hope to concentrate on... 

Already, some people have put up components of this project.  If you have 
access to a WWW browser like Mosaic (again, if you have no clue what this 
means, read on), check out the following URLs:


I want to expand coverage of Chapel Hill to include local cartoonists,
other local 'zines and writers, and hopefully, a Chapel Hill music page,
complete with photographs and recordings.  The music page will be run
through the ubiquitous Internet Underground Music Archive... which I have
info. on but am still unsure how to distribute. But we can get together 
the artwork and writing right here.  So if you would like to give the 
world a taste of your take on Chapel Hill, please send me a note so that 
we can start getting organized.

But please do consider sumbitting stuff--this could be one of the first 
city-wide multi-media exhibitions on the Internet, and it would be great 
for those who may want to someday hock their wares to a larger market (ie 
bands with singles, a Mickey Death comic book, a 'zine or litterery 
journal), since it would give a kind of introduction to the town.  Thanks.

---What are the World Wide Web and Mosaic, and how the hell can someone 
---in Great Britain see my drawings? 

Okay, a really quick non-technical (and probably incorrect) rundown.  The 
World Wide Web is that part of the Internet that gets so much media 
attention--it is to sounds and images what e-mail and Usenet are to 
text.  In other words, a way of distributing or posting anything from 
text to photgraphs to moving pictures to audio.  By putting up 
information on a World Wide Web site, anyone who has the right setup can 
get access to it.  The "setup" is basically a machine directly connected 
to the Internet and a software package called a "browser".  A "browser", 
the most popular of which is called Mosaic, is given a location to look in, 
and it goes there, and sorts out the different kinds of information -- 
turning the raw data into pictures and noises that appear on your 
screen.  This means that if you want a cartoon to be accessible to anyone 
on the internet, you would just store it in a certain place and tell the 
world what that place was.  The world would then look at it by pointing 
their browser at the place you said.  

The most powerful thing these browsers can do, however, is link together 
locations--so, for example, if one person has a cartoon collection at 
Yale, another is at Penn State, and a third is in Geneva, Switzerland, 
then I as a cartoon collector can create a location that says to the 
browser, "Give this menu to anyone who comes to this location: 1) Penn 
State, 2) Yale, 3) Geneva; and if they use their mouse to select one of 
these three, then go to that new location and show what is there."

Right.  So, to get back to Chapel Hill--what we would create is a central 
location for people with these browsers to come to.  Then we would say, 
"If you want to see our music, go look at the Internet Underground music 
Archive, by clicking your mouse button here.  If you want to see Stay 
Free!, click your mouse here..." and so on.  Anyway, this would make it 
possible for us to have a sort of virtual gallery of Chapel Hill's 

--End of non-technical gloss--

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