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Uhm, one request first...  James C, can you send me the support material for
setting up a listserv on a vax again?  Its locked up in my other account for
the summer!

uhm, uhm, the Deuce....

Alex is the owner... I had been working there from 3 weeks after they changed
format, only Greg and Jackie and Carl had been working there longer....  I
have seen Alex Gillis in the bar twice in two years, after 6pm, that is...

He said he would sell Greg 50% of the bar and give him control if he came back
from the Moon/Capital.  Then, last month, he rejected Gregs 50% offer and 100%
offer...  all the terms were okay, but Alex HATES Jackie for some reason, and
wanted to fire her.  He couldn'd when Jimmy, her brother and a 25% owner, was
around, but Jimmy's up river and Alex decided after she went to the Moon as
bar manager for a while, that he had to get rid of her.

Anyway, he rejected Gregs bid and sold 25% to this couple who had never been
there before, really.... and fired Jackie... so Greg walked.. so we all came
down, talked about it, no pressure, and then we all walked...  and then
got loaded on our tabs... :)

They fired our boss and our friend and we all quit.  I love Jackie... she

Rumours... no, nobody stole anything... the CD player and turntables and CDs
that I have belong to me, except the turntable, which is gregs...

No cops, no cocaine...

The Paramount owners are still considering the offer... maybe it will be
open by July/August.... Greg and Jackie are forming a holding company....

I got a job working the 4pm to midnight backshift at Citadel Communications,
Monday to Friday.... they have big computer w. modem... see you on the net!

Think a minute, though...  all your faves at the Deuce, all the nice or
not so nice staff, they quit on principle, and now, with the new rules,
none of them can get UI... some of them are in big trouble.....

So buy them a coffee or a beer if you see them around town....

Rock is my life, and that was my song....