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Re: Stupid Tourist Confesses

Nate asks:

>   What Halifax bands have US releases that you folks know about?  My
>radio station here got a couple of Jale 7 inches in the last month or so,
>and I know Sloan well enough, but I'm fairly clueless beyond that.  I
>recognized only the two aforementioned bands on the Hal Family Tree
>(except for mentions in the listserv, of course) that was posted a while
>back.  Are there others that may have stuff available in North Carolina
>that I'm missing?  If so, which of these should I blow my (limited student)
>budget on?  Thanks in advance...

while not a halifax band in the strictest sense, eric's trip are a
major band on the scene here.
they have an album on sub pop, _love tara_
they have an e.p. on murderecords (my personal fave) called _peter_
(it's been widely distributed in the states, cd/cass)
there's a couple sub pop 7"/CD-EP releases that i really like:
_songs about chris_ and a new one called _the gordon street haunting_

other than that, there is always the mail order option.
cinnamon toast records:  2464 robie st, halifax, ns, canada, b3k 4n1
murderecords:  p.o. box 2372 hfx central, halifax, ns, canada, b3j 3e4

you should have a look at the catalogues on our ftp site.

by the way, the new jale album gets its u.s. release in july,
the new sloan album comes out in august.


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