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so i heard the new sloan album

i guess jay wasn't kidding when he told me
that "the kids" might think they've sold
out with this one.  and what was chris'
comment?  "the album that's gonna get us
kicked off geffen"?  i gotta take that one
almost seriously too!

i only heard the first half, but i was
surprised, i must admit.  so much for the
my bloody valentine influence.  if _smeared_
was chris murphy's record, _twice removed_
is jay ferguson's.  the stones influence is
all over this one (and beatles, and dare i
say "beach boys"?  there, i said it.)...
especially the first two tracks (which 
brings to mind a recent album from 
chicago by a female singer/songwriter
whose name rhymes with "ms. hair").
the phrase "classic rock" inevitably comes
to mind...

"shame shame" is on there -- a song that
sloan have been playing for some time.
there's other stuff that is familiar to
a few of us who have seen sloan gigs in
the past few months.

don't ask me how, but this record does
sound like it was produced by jim
rondinelli (which it was).  remember 
how the second odds record sounded
much more classic-rockish than the 
first?  jim rondinelli.

anyways, about the songs.  they're
really good.  especially, from what
i heard, "pen pals" and "i'm worried now".
there's a song on it called "i hate
my generation", which begs the question,
which one do they like?  (once you've
heard the album, you'll know.)

i gotta wonder if geffen is gonna react
by saying that this is not what they
signed the band to do.  but you also
gotta think that they will wait and see
how the thing sells.  

anyways, i'm going to like this record,
a lot, i think.  but i'm going to have 
to get used to it.


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