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Mike Price asked how the video went, so I'll give a brief description
for those interested.

DAY - 1 - FRI. June 3

- We painted and created a large flamingo pink room to be used
as a backdrop for the band shots.
- Fixed up two rooms to be used as party rooms (filling holes,
painting etc.)
- Humped TONS of gear!! We moved stuff for hours up three flights of
stairs (Thanks James and all that helped)
- Asleep by 2

DAY 1 - SAT. June 4

- Up at 8
- We had our makeup put on (I wont spoil all of the suprises by
describing it - it's very funny) then rocked for the entire day with
Laura helping us with our moves, the camera guy screaming at his
crew, 6000watt lights beaming down on us the entire day (nice tan).
- It's amazing how long it takes to set up a 3 sec. shot.
- Asleep by ???

DAY 2 - Sun. June 5

- up at 10
- This was the EXTRAS day. We filmed your typical rock video footage.
You know... neck biting, blood spitting, dirty dancing (that's me!),
Karate fighting, break dancing, smoke sucking, face licking.
I'm not joking.

Anyway, it was a big production and I expect that the final product
will look pretty good (at least it better!).

Cliff G.

P.S. I did try to get permission to ask SLOANNET for extras but Laura
had them already picked.

-       Robert Clifford Gibb    CGIBB\!/AE.NSAC.NS.CA                  -