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RE: the Double what?

>>anyways, tell me what i'm missing!
>>why does one kind of "alt-rock" gig take more
>>initiative to attend than another?

leslie writes:

>I think I know where Mike is coming from. The Deuce had a novelty quality to
>it in the beginning, and it always could be relied on for booking good
>talent. But when the novelty wore off that reliability made the crowd
>complacent. The majority of the crowd in recent months weren't going to the
>Deuce to see whoever was playing. It was treated like just another bar.
>The pattern seemed to be: 1)pay cover,
>2)drink while the band plays,(applause being an afterthought), and 3) when
>the band finally leaves the stage, dance to "Cannonball" and whatever
>hip-hop the dj plays.
>AT all-ages shows and other gigs, seeing the band is the priority. People
>are listening, the amount of distraction is reduced and the band knows what
>the audience thinks of them. The reason for the gig is not to sell beer, but
>to see and hear the bands play.
>I know most people on this list would go to the Deuce to see the band,
>but I think most others went because they needed someplace to go after the
>Sea Horse closed for the night. Now when you see a band, at least for the
>next while, everyone around you has made a decision to SEE THE BAND instead
>of go drinking.
>On the other hand, I could be full of shit.

no, leslie, you're dead on.  that really clears up the mystery for me.
i was aware of this phenomenon you're describing, but i'd never realized
that some people consider it a problem.  i've always _liked_ the casual
atmosphere of the deuce, and the fact that you run into people who aren't
really there for the band.  to me, that makes it a good spot for gigs +
a good social spot.  but i can see why those with more purist tendencies 
than myself wouldn't like that.  thanks for the explanation.

mike said:

>Les seemed to know what I meant.
>...Fun people will make fun regardless.

definitely.  i personally will miss the way the deuce 
used to be _a lot_ but i'm really interested to see
what will happen next, and looking forward to it.

see you at the khyber?  :-)


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