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I'm a MASTER (in my own mind)

Although my last attempt at sending a Thrush Hermit song to the Sloan
FTP site was a record breaking first for us (the sloan net family),
it was a complete flop.

My FTP software didn't like sending large files.

Also, I was talking to Brian when we were at UBC, and he said that he
wanted to get a sound card so that he could have access to all of the
music on the network.

Well.... I've done it again! I have sent a portion of FRENCH INHALE
(we're shooting the vid this weekend) in .WAV format (compressed
using PKZIP).

And Brian, no need to buy that card! I have included a driver that
allows you to play any Windows sound files through your PC SPEAKER!!!

And it's legal!!! (as long as you own a legal copy of Windows)

I have included instructions for the setup of this driver.

Please! If anyone has any luck with it, please E-mail me
(cgibb\!/ae.nsac.ns.ca) to let me know. (thanks)



P.S. The sound quality sucks but at least you can get an idea (it's
free, what do you expect?)
-       Robert Clifford Gibb    CGIBB\!/AE.NSAC.NS.CA                  -