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used to be Samsara, and, as far as they know, they are playing June 8
at that country bar on Hollis st., the Silver Bullet. 
Their sound is typical roadhouse blues.
See you there???

Or, in an act of unionized solidarity, will the entire old-Deuce crowd
boycott(sp.) the new-Deuce? Will there be a strike? If Greg gets a new
place open-Does that mean that 2 alternative venues will come of this?
Or will all acts cancel their Deuce gigs in support of Greg? With or
without a new venue. I doubt Babblefish would cancel. I'm pretty sure
Bubaiskull would. 

And although it's true that Halifax is indeed a wasteland of vacant
real estate, it does take awhile to get a liquor liscense.

I'm perplexed!