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Forget CH...I wanna' go to Woodstock

	Tickets are expensive...120 smackers...but the line up..from
what I've been told...sounds fucking amazing!
Pearl Jam
Alice in Chains
	...26 bands in all, I can't remember any others. I was overwhelmed!
They tried to charge a relatively large amount at the first Woodstock but
the fence got broken down and it ended up being a free concert-right?
Well, I know my ex-girlfriend and her friends are planning to go without
tickets..sounds like a good idea to me!
250 000 tickets are to be sold! Is it just me, or is that an incredibly
huge venue?!

On a different note I ran in to Chris Murphy this evening. He said how
he and Patti were on Live at 5 tonight. Anyone see it?

-mike "no you don't understand, I REALLY love springtime in Halifax" price