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Cecil Seaskull's NERDY GIRL


The mail finally came and in it I received my NERDY GIRL tape! When I opened up
the envelope containing the tape, I had no idea that by the end of the day I
would have listened to the cassette's contents at least 7 times. Quick summary -
this a cool tape indeed and something you should rush and get now - to say it's
fucking great would be a vulgar understatement.

an overview - 

					["i think it's best if i'm left alone"]

When the Montreal Mirror described Cecil Seaskull's NERDY GIRL tape by saying
"her voice comes off like a higher pitched Kim Deal," I think they were pretty
accurate. Also, non-voice-wise, the first few seconds of track one ("do you like
me?") reminded me of a pixie's song with a kim-like bass playing. Then Cecil's
voice appears and we are taken off into the world of NERDY GIRL. I was also
reminded of marylou lord (on the kill rock stars label) at this point. 

					["i had no choice. i had no voice."]

In one minute and 45 seconds, Cecil fully spins out the second song "glad to
know" and achieves in that time span what some people take a whole album to do.
The production is sparce - i can make out a guitar, a voice, and some other
sounds, but it's not _too_ sparce. Everything is so crisp and clear. Her "la la
la laaa"s are vocal waves that make me wonder about the professional quality of
the entire tape. Content with my purchase and it's only at the second song!

					["will you think i've had an accident?"]

The Montreal Mirror claims "Roof of Wilson" is the tape's highlight and I'd have
to say that this track approaches a perfect pop song. Strumming guitars that are
right along side of her vocals. I wish I knew how to describe music. That's
always been a poor skill of mine. At times like these I wish I could type out
exactly what I'm hearing.

			["he lives in the same city but he hasn't got a phone"]

Probably the most most violent song on the tape (but in a clean violent way).
Punch my head. Scratch my eyes. Tell me I'm a bitch. "Hate me" has Cecil
describing a relationship that I'm not sure I fully understand. Amid the harsh
words and rushing strumming is the line "just show me that you care" that I
think is part of the heart of this song. But I'm probably wrong here. Still,
it's a nice song.

			["can you take me to see that space movie....again"]

Some of my favourite lyrics are on song #5, which is titled "nerdy girl."
Surrounded by items and images from a 1977 film that I really like, Cecil
creates this amazingly dreamy song that contains a line that (at least to me) is
the center of the tape - "i'm not weird. i'm not funny. i'm just me." This line
just really stuck in my head and hasn't left since. "seems like there's no Force
in me, or I'd have real friends close to me - my body's in awkward frustration,
wanna liberate my imagination." Wow. I just want to wrap this song around my
head and glide away. 

						["stupid me, I try to grin"]

Song #6, which is called "song 7" (yes, 7) is almost a lullaby. Cecil is singing
you to sleep while stating blunt and sad thoughts. It almost has the feeling of
"here, go to sleep, go to sleep, (and maybe you won't hear these thoughts as
you're drifting away)."

And that's it. Six songs that are well worth the $6 that I spent on the tape.
Each song is unlike all the others and the sound, as I mentioned earlier, is
great and is never muddled or anything like that. I wish I could describe it
better - thoughts of "the Spinanes plus Liz Phair minus drums" also entered my
mind - but ms. seaskull may be offended by such a comparison. Everything on this
tape is so refreshing, so great, that I highly recommended it. For information
on how to get it, write to cecil\!/babylon.montreal.qc.ca. There's also someone
named Gordon involved with the tape somehow, but I'm not exactly sure how he
fits in (sorry, mr. gordon!).  There's no printed lyrics and although I usually
crave lyric sheets, a lack of them here just makes you listen to Cecil a little
closer, which is what you should be doing. The Montreal Mirror also said that
this tape is an "excursion into twisted sentiments and self-conscious emotions
in their purest form" and I suppose that says more about this tape than I
managed to say in all of my above babblings. The summer months will go a lot
better with this tape in my tape player. Winter is definitely over. And NERDY
GIRL has definitely arrived.

 -lee p.

recap: a unique and wonderful release
order info: email cecil\!/babylon.montreal.qc.ca for details