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Re: The Gordon Street Haunting

I like the name!! I had no idea they had something coming out. Now
I've got a music feature for my show Monday...

Adam Writes:
> P.S. When did MURDERecords' office move?? Went by (the first time in
  about month) and it looked vacant.

The Bowels/Murder/old Rumours space on Granville st. is very vacant
indeed. I guess the landlords were kind-of assholes..even though
there rent there was only about 600 bones a month..rent is pretty
cheap for office space these days and they're only paying a little 
more for a "real" office suite in the Roy Building (Bvilding) on
Barrington st.. Gregor Ash, rep for Denon and local music mover
and shaker, is due to take one of the offices w/ them.
	Actually, that reminds me that Colin said to mention that
this move is responsible for any delays with MURDERecords orders
He was quite suprised that Jeff's order was for CT, not Murder.
	Murder and Decent Mgmt. no longer share a space together..
Decent is now in the Khyber Bvilding.

I heard yesterday that there are once again Late Night parties on
the odd Saturdays..more dancey, I guess..Last weekends was Funk..
tommorrow's will be Progressive House..no live acts as of yet-
unfortunately. But hey, we need more of a Rave scene here, anyway.
I don't think they're Peter and Angie's doing, necessarily. A guy
named Bill--I think(??) Next door to Cafe Ole in the new and Improved
Khyber Cafe...

BTW, anyone know what's going on with this Capitol Music delay?
I phoned Rob Cohn's office, but he's away!

-until the end of May is what his machine say

Man, do I LOVE to play!


-mdp..and yes..I still haven't figured out how to make a sig.file...
	Create a textfile? I can't even figure out how to spell
		in big block letters correctly..Yes, I'm
			getting poor marks in cyber-
				space 101!
				phuck it!!
				  O  O