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Re: What the hell is up with Cinnamon Toast??????

I for one am glad to hear that the problem was cleared up with 
minimal grief on the part of all concerned...

It'd be a real drag if CT got a bad rep, what with being the Haltown
indie flagship and all.

On another note, this appeared in the Halifax Mail Star yesterday:

	Go east young man.
	Much Music is about to do the right thing.
	No, not play the Public Enemy video again.
	Instead, the nation's self-proclaimed music station is
going to pay more attention to the East Coast scene with the 
September debut of MuchEast.
	To be hosted by Mike Campbell, he of Mike and Mike and 
other reporting duties, the show would be the natural counterpart
of the channel's MuchWest show hosted by Terry David Mulligan out
of Vancouver.

Interesting to see what they do with it... one thing that will differ
is that TDM spends a good deal of time outdoors on MuchWest, but
Vancouver's winter weather is considerably more temperate than
the good 'ol Maritimes.  I assume that the show will be located for the
most part in Halifax.

Mike Campbell, however, is renowned on MuchMusic for being a bit of a
goof - hopefully the show won't be too stupid or anything.

Scott "my other name is Tony" Schuman