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Re: Recycled from the Indie List

James Covey forwarded the following:

}From:           imagine doing just what the big bang did <ILION\!/ac.dal.ca>

}Last Monday, the 9th of May, I went to see Cub at the Double Deuce in 
}Halifax, N.S.  Opening were Plum Tree and N.F.A.
}Plum Tree are a Haligonian band (yes we call people from Halifax 
}Haligonians) who have been around for a little over a year.  It's all 
}girls, to my knowledge all still in high school.  I saw them about a 
}year ago and failed to be impressed.  They didn't sing into the mics 
}and seemed to be more or less randomly banging on their guitars.  

I had originally thought Junior High, but I know at least one of the girls 
is of legal age (19).  I too failed to be impressed on first seeing them.  
They spoke most of the vocals and played rather slow, jangly guitar.

}In the meantime they've become a rawkin', wicked band.  Their cover of 
}Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" was excellent and actually brought 
}the (traditionally zombie-like) crowd at the Deuce to their feet, 
}although they didn't actually dance or anything.

Definitely improved.  I saw them recently at Envirogig at St. Pat's High 
and they were a lot of fun.  ILRnR got the whole crowd dancing there, but 
then, High-school gym gigs are always more spontaneous in terms of crowd 
action than anything at the Deuce.  Great bodysurfing last year at 
Envirogig, including this boy about ten years old who appeared to be 
having the time of his as yet brief life.

  The rest of the 
}songs they did were originals and to my untutored eye seemed fairly 
}complicated in terms of the guitar stuff.  Some neat riffs.  

The guitarist is really impressive technically for someone her age.  Beats 
the hell out of jale (sorry, James)

}Best lyric probably goes to "When I awoke this morning, I was amazed to 
}see, my dog about to lunge at me.  Wouldn't it be scary to have a dog 
}gone crazy?" That's probably a misquote but nevermind.

Childishly inventive.  I like it.

}N.F.A.  is from some place in Ontario, is very loud and has the most 
}determinedly stupid lyrics I have heard in a good long time.  Most of 
}the lyrics of the most of the songs were one line (frequently one 
}phrase), repeated mindlessly over the barrage of badly-imitated 
}Metallica-like music.  One song the only lyric was a phone number.
}[was it 867-5309? cmon, you knew somebody had to ask it....-az]

I seem to recall some band at the Deuce with a song where the chorus was a 
phone number, ???-1113.  It was somebody's ex-girlfriend, who had cheated 
on him.

Re: Cub:

}They were scathingly sarcastic at 
}these drunk idiots who were yelling mildly sexist things at their new 
}drummer, including a comment "The next song is about how we like to 
}follow drunk assholes home from bars and firebomb their houses and 
}throw the ashes into the Atlantic Ocean."


 Other than that they were 
}really friendly with the audience, including having free Cub stickers 
}and Double Bubble gum.  They did most of the songs on Betti-Cola (23 
}in total), and a cover of "Killed by Death" (there's Metallica again) 


}that was excellent and is on some compilation album they were selling,
}and a few of their older tunes.
}Anyway, Cub are still on tour, until the end of May I think, across 
}Canada and two or three places in the northern states.  So if you get 
}a chance, check them out.  They're just as fun in concert and don't 
}start to sound obnoxious after ten songs like on the album.
}Joanne Merriam (ilion\!/ac.dal.ca)

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