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since we're discussing Sloan

Patti also used to be a big Dinosaur jr. fan and Soundgarden too..I
would've thought more so than Nirvana..oh well, nevermind.

Chris Murphy's 
Top 10 Desert Island Discs

1. Kiss- Alive I
2. Minor Threat- Out of Step
3. My Bloody Valentine- Isn't Anything
4. The Velvet Undeground- s/t (3rd Album)
5. Can- Delay 1968
6. Rites of Spring- s/t
7. Public Enemy- It Takes a Nation of Millions...
8. U2- War
9. Descendants- Milo Goes to College
10. Joni Mitchell- Blue

The best time I ever had at a Murder-party was watching Chris and Jenny
Pierce doing Velvet Underground covers...I wonder if Murder Records has
something goin' on w/ Desert Island now? I've got to go know.