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close only counts in...

	Horseshoes and Handgrenades were wicked last night! Speaking of
sonic music...they were hypersonic! The sound effects were cool too, 
esp. the eerie clarinet version of Greensleeves.

And, drumming for Bubaiskull is...not Adam; not Brock; but David Marsh.
I heard the same superchunk-coming-to-Halifax rumour last night..

I saw the new coast, co-edited by Sloan (plus a few) I liked Chris
Trowbridge's chronology of Halifax bands...but he forgot some (i.e.
Cafe Madrid)

The trip to Seattle by Thrush Hermit wasn't-really. They were down
with Murder Records to see Hardship Post at the Crocodile Club.
I think they were playing w/ The Posies (or same members, anyway)

H&H are playing again next week with Spine and Resin.

-mike p.