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my record store bore

This has been my experience with local record stores:

I wander in, look through everything (doesn't take long) and I buy something
or leave. I don't become best friends with whoever is working the counter.
I don't get any "Can I help you?"s which is fine with me because I would just
say "I'm just looking".
When I ask for help at Dischord I get it. That's the whole thing - what 
assistance do you need in a small record store? Nine times out of ten I
don't need any help, and the other time I just ask for it. What other types
of stores do people ask you if you need help? Maybe Frank would be more
appreciated if he acted like a used car salesman? "And look at this beauty
here - just got this copy of Houses of the Holy in today and because you're
so cool I'll let you have it for only $9"
Ok, so that's an extreme analagy, but someone just contrasted the
place to a friggin' coffee shop! I sure as heck don't want to be *waited*
on when I'm in a record store. Don't any of you browse? 

It's so much easier to *ask* for help than to stand around the store waiting
for someone to read your mind.

Ok - the guy is a creep, but he's got lots of great stuff. I always keep my bag
with me, so he probably thinks I'm stealing. Good for him. The inventory is 
all I care about at Taz, not the guy's slimy attitude. If I find something I
just put down the money, take the change and leave. Saying "thank you" is

Track  (out of busines)
This guy was kind of a creep as well, but maybe if I had bought more of
his $16 vinyl he would have been a bit nicer. I frequented that shop a lot
and was/am a big PiL fan ('78-'82). I remember asking him what Jah Wobble's
solo stuff was like and he LENT me a tape. Maybe he wasn't such a creep
afterall...just painfully hard to chat up.

These people are clueless when it comes to anything new and non-domestic.
It doesn't matter what book they look in, they can NEVER give you a release
date - or on the occasion that they do, they are wrong. And these same people
have the audacity to ask if *you* need help?!

I've ordered things from them...waited 6 weeks...then told to wait another
month...only to be told that the thing I ordered is out of print!!
I've bought an empty cd case from them (foolishly I thought that the cd would
be inside). When I went back it took about 10 minutes to convince them that
there really wasn't a cd in the case.

Buying cds new is a rip off anyway. All of their not-particularily-mainstream
back-catologue stuff is at least $21.99 - usually $24.99. Like I have $30
to blow on ONE cd? (18.8% tax folks).

For $10 more you could buy 20 Maxell XL II 100's, send them the 500 pts
and get the same cd!

I think I'll go to Taz, and pick up 4 lps for $4-5 each instead.


So bottom line wrt Dischord...go in...they won't bite your head off. Look at 
the cds/tapes (no one will hover over you). If you have a question - ask.
They won't laugh at you. Ask about local bands and you'll probably find out
more than you expected.

I guess that is enough from me.

Mike "No I don't need any help" Graham

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And if you need help with the above, don't be afraid to *ask*  :)