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ok...not dissin' Dischord

	Yes James, all views have been adequately represented...and IMO
the "clubhouse" thing is ok, and accurate to what I like about so-called
alternative establishments...maybe that's petty...I've got no issue with
Dischord worth discussing. So I shant say anything else on the matter...

	I heard today that they're rennovating the Double Deuce. They're
going to knock down the walls between the studios upstairs; build a stair-
case up from where the basement stairs are(?) and put a patio on the lower
roof-at the end of the hall upstairs. I guess they are NOT going to be
charging cover in the new part...I hope the patio is ready for the summer!

	Hey Mike C., what does the new Sonic Youth CD sound like? I heard
Doctor's Orders off the Volume nine comp. today...pretty mellow.
I played Chapel Hill stuff on my show today//the Archers rock!

Hey, I wasn't trying to step on any toes about the dischords w/Dischord...
sorry if I offended...just throwing my 2 cents out.

-mix prix
 ...I suppose that not signing my real name is petty too...