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Re: Dissin' Dischord

mike price writes:

>	Well, I haven't been to many indie record stores and am not
>often looking to buy something that's hard to get...but I do like
>stores that are laid back and they've never been "unfriendly" to me
>\!/ Dischord...

well, i think there's a difference between a "laid back" atmosphere
and one where you feel like you're intruding on somebody's clubhouse...
which i gather is what mike (catano) was talking about...
and no one's ever been unfriendly to me either at dischord...
the only trouble i've ever had is with getting people's attention....

>I can't see why Frank would vindictively not sell more
>indie stuff...by reading all this discussion it sounds like it would
>be a wise business decision...he's probably not playing with big bucks...
>maybe this is because he keeps the good stuff for himself...or maybe 
>because he doesn't have MCA backing him.

i don't think anyone has accused frank of being vindictive...
everyone in this discussion has said that he's a nice guy.
he's always been nice to me, anyways.  no one's suggesting
that it's a conspiracy that there isn't a good indie selection
at the store, we're just saying that it's a shame there isn't...

>Is it fair to dis a guy when he has no representation?

well, first of all, i'm not dissing frank -- as i just 
said everyone seems to like him.  the complaint is about
the way dischord is run -- we wish it were run differently.
mike (catano) has already apologized for they he phrased
himself earlier...
and secondly, as to the matter of representation, would
you not say that both sides of this issue have been
adequately aired in this discussion?


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