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Dissin' Dischord

	As far as the last few comments go about dischord...and those of you on
the Chapel Hill list will see the irony of this discussion...I'd like to throw
out a few cents...

The thing I like about places like Dischord, the Mokka and other sort-of
alternative businesses around Halifax is that the employees are just hanging
out, and aren't in your face with some corporations customer service 
excellence handbook at the ready...Who cares that they're always sitting
in the front window--hanging out. If I owned a record store you wouldn't 
see me spending my days washing walls and standing quietly behind a counter
waiting eagerly to "help you". Buying music isn't all that difficult...too
bad there isn't a store with more indie labels...but if you can't find
what you're looking for at Dischord...then look somewhere else.

	There...I just totally contradicted myself by commenting on a subject
that I said wasn't worthy of comment on the CHill list. <namely the attitudes
of Schoolkidz record employees>

Oh well, I suck.

-mike (price)