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indie-record stores

It doesn't make sense that HFX can't support a decent record store when in
Massachussettes in the Hadley/Northampton/Amherst area, they have at least
three or four.  Main Street records and Son of Main Street Records in
Northampton being tops in my books.

We have three fairly large used record stores in Downtown, another one opening
up on Quinpool (I hear), and they all seem to do fairly well for themselves,
and Track records did well as long as it was staying current.

The big prohibitive factor in selling indie rock is dealing with import duty
and taxes and such, but even then, I'm paying less for my new Superchunk CD
through the mail than I would buying it at Sam's with my FOCKDU card, so I
think it has more to do with complacency then anything.  In the city of Leeds
in Northern England, there is a place called the Cornish Exchange.  It is
Mecca.  Inside of it there are three floors of the best shopping in the world,
amazing record stores that carry the most obscure Cocteau Twins bootleg to
the new NAS record, every American (and a fair number of Canadian) indie record
you could dream of.  It's got clothing stores, it's got a condom store, it's
got a skate shop, ah, bliss.....  My friend is moving there in the fall. 

Halifax, alas, would never have the population to support such a place, but it 
would be a nice thought.  Maybe the newly renovated Khyber building could be
halifax's own Indie boutique.  Dream on, Catano...

One last note to Waye, who thinks I've made some particulary big gaff, or 
faux pas by saying what I've said about Dischord, I haven't said anything
that most people haven't been thinking for the past few years.  I'm not 
trying to pick on Dischord (hence the change in Subject Line) but more on our
own community for not being able to support such a neccesary commodity, and
Waye, if you're mad because I said you haven't dealt with Frank in Months, 
I'm sorry, but it's true - you haven't.  So cool out, baby.