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Re: Dischord.

Mike (Catano) writes:

>I should say that Tracy is a nice guywhen he actually talks, and some nice
>people hang out in the window - i.e. Scott Tappin, Dale Murray, etc., but
>something about the atmosphere there turns these otherwise nice people into
>icky cool machines.  Never once have I been asked the question "Can I Help
>You?" at Dischord.  Many people feel the same, in fact my girlfriend is afraid
>to even go inside. 

My experience is exactly the same.  No one there ever seems to 
want to go out of their way for a customer.  No one has ever
asked me that question there either.  All the people who hang
there seem to be nice people when you talk to them -- elsewhere.

>I think saying the store sucks was a little harsh, and I
>apologise for that, but I had just mailed off forty bucks to the States for
>records that would never see the light of day in Halifax, and I was feeling
>especially bitter.  Sorry if I offended, but when Sam the record Man has more
>obscure records than Halifax's Indie Store, than something weird must be going

I agree 100%.  It's ridiculous that Halifax does not have a decent 
indie store.  We have the radio station, we have the nightclub,
we just don't have a record store.  Unless you count Sam's, which
as Mike says at least carries more indie stuff than Dischord.


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