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The Herm

	Thrush Hermit, while out west, are also due to play at a house
party in Seattle...I think it's for subpop people (?)

Did anyone on this list ever hang out at Backstreets Amusements on Sackville
st.? (as opposed to the one on Gottigen) 
Personally, I think, if someone was looking for the origins of the Halifax
"scene" that would be it. When it had speakers up with loud hardcore 
blaring from them...and the walls were black with wild drawings on them...
it was crazy?! Dozens of punks drinking alcohol out of A&W cups...that's
where many of the musicians we have know first met; first started getting
drunk together. <musicians we have NOW^ that is>

For that matter, does anyone remember the "jobbers" gigs on Robie? Where 
Indian Grocery is now. That was a cool place too...and the place on Almon
behind the bus depot. Carpenters Hall too!

The alternative scene in Halifax is about a group of friends who stayed
together. From Backstreets to the Deuce. It's nothing new, it's just
that as these friends got older, what they were doing became more
recognized and it drew more like-minded people to become a part of it.
True many have gone on to greener pastures but one can go to the Deuce
and see the same faces he/she has seen for, in my case, the past seven
years...Not to leave out newer bands etc. Punk IS dead pretty much and
what we have now is better in many ways.

Greg Clark was patriarch of Backstreets too...

Finally, does anyone else remember Plot Records (Sloan to Murder records
was the jellyfishbabies to Plots) They had the wildest parties--at one...
and sorry for going on and on...They had somehow acquired 15 garbage bags full
of stuffed animals which the brought down...By the end of the night there was
a layer of stuffed animal innards over everything...pink panthers smashed out
on the street, winnie-the-poohs hanging in trees...it was chaotic! Very
different from the murder records parties.

Donner Party Reunion \!/ Cafe Ole Saturday night! W/ Sawbelly.