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some interesting chapel hill list chatter

Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 17:37:48 -0400
From: PS549A000\!/husky1.stmarys.ca
Subject: RE: fuckin' attitude

Hey Mix Prix, 
	Ever been to DISCHORD RECORDS on Grafton? Frank and that other guy have
enough bad attitude, bad service, bad everything to teach these Schoolkiddies
a lesson.  That store sucks so hard. . . .
	In case you're wondering, Dischord is a record store here in fair HFX,
and all it sells are local 7"'s and Cassettes and a few imports - read two.
It's main business is used CD's/cassettes, but the owner takes all of the
good ones and leaves all of the shitty ones for everyone else.  There is this
whole clique of people who do nothing but sit in the window of the store and 
play Gameboy.  GRRR!
	Be happy that you at least have record stores worth visiting, here in 
Haltown we have to mail order everything for ourselves!

Mike Catano

Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 10:28:25 -0400
From: GEN4240\!/husky1.stmarys.ca
Subject: Attitudes, Attitudes, Attitudes

	Ok, Frank and Tracy at Dischord do have attitudes, and play a
whole lot of Gameboy (I don't think I've ever been in there when some-
one wasn't playing it.) But Tracy is a nice guy, we used to work together
at CanFacts and he didn't have I-am-an-artist syndrome then-just the 
	On that note Mike, do you remember the guy at Track Records? Now
he had an attitude you could shake a stick at!
	I think Dischord is losing money. I know Frank owes money to Waye
(hence, he's not giving him anymore Norecords stuff until he pays up)
	Sam's has been taking more Indie music in the last few months so
all is not lost if you decide to burn Dischord down!

Catano you're like my cyberspace shadow!!


Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 11:38:35 -0400
From: GEN4240\!/husky1.stmarys.ca
Subject: fads and fashion in Chapel Hill

	I still want to do a piece on Chapel Hill on my radio show. Can
anyone tell me the fads and fashion associated with the music scene in CH?
Garage jackets? Plaid? Hackey sack? Streaking? There must be something
worth mentioning.

	Here in Haltown it's garage jackets; especially those with names like
'Cecil' or 'Mac' patched on them. I realized it had become a full fledged
fad when, on Monday at the Deuce, I saw a girl who had made her own out of
a green cordurouy shirt--she made her own patches too!

	I was also wondering about young people in CH-Is there any all-ages
venues? Any scene for the kiddies?


Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 16:09:54 -0400
From: PS549A000\!/husky1.stmarys.ca
Subject: RE: Attitudes, Attitudes, Attitudes

This is kind of fun.  Now no one in Chapel Hill will know what the hell we're
talking about for a change.

Have you been to the new Urban Sound Exchange on Barrington yet?  Pales to the
Dartmouth locale, but it has cool graffitti on the walls.

RE: Dischord going out of business, I wouldn't be suprised.  Waye hasn't even
spoken to Frank since the summer I don't think.  The guy from Track records
skipped town with about fifty bucks worth of Thrush Hermit money, way back
when Nobody Famous came out. Cock.


Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 16:57:23 -0400
From: UCCMMS.CSCC\!/mhs.unc.edu (Schofield, Matthew M.)
Subject: RE: Why CH=cool

     In response to Mike Price's (gen4240) question "What makes CH 
I came to school here in '87 and have been here ever since...I've had 
alot of friends who have left feeling like they HAD to leave b/c they 
were so bored with CH.  A good # of these friends, I believe, felt this 
way b/c they never left the relatively small niche they were in to see 
what else CH had to offer.  Also, when the majority of these friends come 
back to visit they tell me how much they appreciate CH now that they have 
     CH has alot to offer me.  I work at the college radio station (a 
really fine station that has taught me so much about music), WXYC, as 
well as produce a TV program for student TV.  I can see practically any 
band that I'd want to see thanx to a local club named the Cat's Cradle (& 
sometimes the Local 506) for a third of what it would cost me (this price 
includes refreshments) in a town like LA.  For ex.,I saw Yo La Tengo at 
the Whiskey a Go Go for $10 & $4.25 brews.  I came back to CH a month 
later and saw them again at the Cradle for 5 or 6 bucks & $1.40 Busch 
beer!(I drank MGD at the Whiskey).  Another plus is that there are alot 
of people here my age, 25, or around it who have similar interests & have 
chosen to explore them instead of opting for perhaps a more secure route 
in the form of a banking job or an entry level position with some 
corporation.  Maybe this is actually what some people want to do...I find 
it hard to believe that someone would actually want to work for a bank 
for reasons other than $$$, but I'm digressing now....One last thing I 
want to mention about CH is the standard of living.  I live about 10 
miles outside of CH in an old country home that's surrounded by cow 
pasture.  I don't lock my doors & I can let my dog run around free all 
day.  I split a $300 per month rent and rarely pay over $50 a month on 
all utilities.  It's a bit more expensive to live in town so my ex. is 
not totally accurate but relatively speaking...it's cheap to live here.  
It's cheap, has alot to offer, & it's safe.  I should mention that 
Raleigh & Durham are close by which adds to the list of entertainment 
     These are the main reasons why I live in CH instead of NY, DC, 
Atlanta, etc.  One town I would like to explore though is Austin, TX.  
Maybe one day......O.K. Mike, I hope this has shed some light on CH & why 
most of us really like it here.

P.S.  I think the Flat Duo Jets were the first CH band to get a fair 
amount of national attn, but I don't think they have received nearly as 
much attn as S-chunk has.  If this were Athens, GA -  Flat Duo Jets=B52's 
& S-chunk=REM, only both CH bands have received less attn. overall.  My 
favorite CH band is Polvo.  You should play mostly Polvo on your radio 
show - keep an eye out for their new 3-single release.
     I will write more abt scenesters, their attitudes, & how I perceive 
them/us later.            

     _                                  _     James R. Covey <jrcovey\!/ac.dal.ca>
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