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Cub...sloan...mix prix's birthday

Yup, it's now my birthday (I'm 22)
Where the hell's my stinkin' card?

Went to see Cub, NFA and Plumtree at the Deuce tonight--Cub rule! The
drummer is the coolest hardcore chick on the planet! NFA were good but
kind of monotonous. Cub seemed to really like Plumtree (there good but a 
wee bit too smurfy for me.)

I was surprised at how many people were there.

A member of Sloan told me the following: that a Sloan song may be used in
the upcoming Kids in the Hall movie, and that Andrew is not only teaching
Matt Dillon to play drums but may have a part in his next movie!

For my birthday I got shoes, but I'd trade them for a hardcore girlfriend
any day!