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review: AL TUCK \!/ the Deuce May 6/94

the Double Deuce in Halifax,  Friday May 6/94

"little orton" is, of course, actually matt
murphy doing his country schtick playing such
classics as "on the road again"...  he is a 
hot fiddle player and does enough different
things to keep things moving... actually,
the most interesting part was when hip club
groove stormed the stage in the middle of
some country classic and rapped for about
five minutes in the middle of the song...
that was a lot of fun...

the latest version of al tuck's punnily-named
band "no action" features phil sedore (of
blackpool) on guitar, and this is quite the
improvement...  phil's approach is to add some
accents here and there where the songs both
need it... he is the most complimentary side
man that al has ever had; i hope he stays.

friday was the best-received al tuck show that
i have seen...  couples waltzed, fans cheered,
and al played a good set...  he started off
with a few acoustic numbers before bringing on
the band...  i'm not sure how good an idea 
that is when headlining at the deuce, but what
i could hear over the crowd sounded good.  the
band were excellent though.  one deuce band
that you don't need earplugs for.  :-)


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