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Useless Results Ver 1.0

Hi, everyone,
I'm running a bit behind schedule on this, so bear with me for a step or
two. First I'd like to thank everyone who answered and offered suggestions.
Second is that if something about the results of this half-assed survey
doesn't ring true, you have something to add/make clear, or if you feel
your home is under-represented, the lines of communication are always open.
If response warrants it, I'll be happy to update this list from time to
time. If not, then it was fun.

Nova Scotia:
Being a native of the Province and a resident of Halifax, the responses
didn't come as a surprise. The venue of choice was the DOUBLE DEUCE on
Hollis Street. As Roderick Affleck (affleck\!/ug.cs.dal.ca) wrote, "try to
name another half-decent venue" in Halifax. He's not kidding, unfortunately,
but maybe when the old Misty Moon space is reopened things might change for
the better.
As for bands, local faves include GREAT SLAVE, TALL POPPIES, and SPINE,
while CINNAMON TOAST and NO RECORDS pressed the best vinyl.

(My Canada includes) Quebec:

Montreal: WOODSTOCK on St. Laurent sounds like the place to be (am I starting
to sound like Tiger Beat?). BITE is the favourite band of Julie McGovern
(julie_mcgovern\!/babylon.montreal.qc.ca), but she's in it and therefore has
no choice. PEST is her unbiased fave, while DERIVATIVE is the label of
choice in Hab-town.


Guelph: A couple of venues struck Jason B. Brown's (brown\!/uoguelph.ca)
fancy. The TRASHETERIA stands out, sporting a huge gecko lizard hanging from
the ceiling that feeds on a diet of pure uranium(?), while The ALBION stands
as a local landmark, providing a place to play for up-and-coming new bands.
Speaking of bands, the one to see is BLACK CABBAGE, an eight piece
folk/heavy rock hybrid. Hmmm...
Kitchener: In the land of Cerebus they have THE VOLCANO and PHIL'S. Both
"look like holes" according to Brad (bhughes\!/undergrad.math.uwaterloo.ca)
but they manage to bring in good musik nonstop. STRANGE DAYS is the local
band that does it for him, and while there is no local label, if you can get
in touch with BRAD MARSCHALL he might be able to do something for you on
four-track DAT.
London: THE PROMISED LAND gets the nod as best venue, and SABRE TOQUE
RECORDS enjoys being the best-named label in this survey.
Ottawa: In our nation's capital (capitol?) a good place to hang out after a
hard day trying to rename the GST is 5 ARLINGTON, a combined cafe (did
someone say coffee?)/record store/ gig space in the city's downtown. With
the number of bands in the city, Pat Davidson (ap538\!/freenet.carleton.ca)
couldn't make a decision. Sounds like a good place to be. Labels were a bit
easier, with the grunge-sound label WET RECORDS and Furnaceface's label ONE
HANDED RECORDS both making the list. Says Pat about Ottawa, "we have an
amazing scene. Nobody knows about it." Coming from Halifax, I can almost say
that's a good thing for your city.
Thunder Bay: This town sounds interesting. CROCKS N' ROLLS sounds like it's
open for new things, so it might be worth checking out if you ever go on
tour (assuming you are in a band, of course). FAT LIKE DAD, COLD FUSION, and
them like they are your children.


Regina: CHANNEL ONE and the HAMILTON STREET UNDERGROUND get a good mix of
talent, including FUNK'N'STEIN ("more white guys doing the funk thing" in
the words of Keith, moen12\!/meena.cc.uregina.ca) and MRS. SVENSON.


Calgary: Things seem to be pretty thin in the city of the Flames, but I'm
only going on what I got sent. Besides the various all-agers go to the
REPUBLIK and hope that CHIXDIGGIT is on stage. Hey , if I'm wrong, check out
VOX and see what they have to say.

British Columbia:

Vancouver: The COMMODORE BALLROOM is a "clear" favourite, while NARDUAR
RECORDS, who still put stuff out on 8-track (Robin Beech,rbeech\!/unixg.ubc.ca)
puts out the beststuff. Not bad for a napkin. The VINIAGRETTES get the nod
as best band.
Victoria: This city sent in the most responses, for whatever reason, and
showed an amount of agreement. HARPO'S is the best place to get out of the
cold, though the people that got there "tend to be snotty turds" in one
bun's opinion (I'm not saying who. I guess I'm a chicken, or a snotty turd).
BUM are a band of crack musicians, with honourable mention going to
HAIRPLANE, and while most responders said they knew of no labels, Brooks R.
Duncan (ub819\!/freenet.victoria.bc.ca) said that INCENTIVE was alive and well
and good.


Boston, Mass.: A lot goes on in this city. When the citizens aren't praying
for a World Series Pennant, you can find a few of them at THE MIDDLE EAST,
an Indian resuarant by day, a place to play at night. Any of these bands
of them probably will.

Olympia, Washington: As far as venues go, this doesn't sound like as happy
place, thanks to the local constabulary. There are no permanent venues here
with the exception of ABC HOUSE. HEAVEN"S TO BETSY is the first name on a
long list of bands from Robert M. Keefe (keefer\!/elwha.evergreen.edu), while
K RECORDS is "the obvious answer" for best label.

San Diego, California: "Small, intimate, and dark" is how Scott Puckett
(puckett\!/crash.cts.com) describes the 200 person capacity CASBAH, his pick
for best venue. UNCLE JOE'S BIG OL' DRIVER ("Superchunk meets Ted Nugent")
is the band of choice, while label honours go to HEADHUNTER for their lineup
of talent and GOLDENROD for their 7" releases.

That's it. I'm done. I'm going to sleep
There's nothing to see here. Move along, please. Move along.
Leslie J. Furlong
2080-212 Quingate Place
Hfx, NS, B3L-4R9                               lfurlong\!/fox.nstn.ns.ca