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SLOAN Eric's Trip split single

Cin Toast's 10th release, Sloan doing ET's stove and smother on one side
and ET doing sloan's Laying blame on the other. 
Has anyone else heard it??  A friend of mine taped off CKDU. Wow it's 

STOVE   I didn't recognize it as sloan or eric's trip, then i recognized 
the lyrics. Its done on piano, bass and a 'funky' backbeat. I believe Jay does 
most of the lyrics. this blends into smother

SMOTHER   This is a lot faster Trip's version. Stilll does not sound like
sloan, more punkish. Chris does the singing part. The normal instruments 
are used, guitar, bass, drum,.........

LAYING BLAME  Pretty close to sloan original, a little slower.
Rick on lead voc with Julie providing some backing. It sounds a lot
like MOONSOCKET's version on their(his...Chris T on ET) tape. 

I liked it, my order is in the mail...:-)

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