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From: exit flagger <beastie\!/gibbs.oit.unc.edu>

*eric's trip--"warm girl" 7 inch

derivative records \!/ po box 42031 / montreal, quebec canada / h2w 2t3
(this is also distributed by k records)

this is essential for eric's trip fans.  it appears to contain old 
songs (2 from 1991 and 3 from 1992) that were recently mixed and all 
thrown together to be released and loved.  anyways, this 5-song seven 
inch is great! the first song, "warm girl," is classic eric's trip, 
maintaining the fast and upbeat tempo with the great harmonies that 
eric's trip so easily masters.  "window" experiments with a lot of 
feedback that comes off being really bizarre (especially for the 
band's sound that i'm familiar with).  still good, though.  "so easier 
last time" is my favorite song because it says a lot about the way 
life is.

love tara was one of the best-kept secrets i discovered this year, and 
ever since then i have been a big fan of eric's trip.  this single 
complements the album very well.  near perfection!!! ****1/2

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