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The offically authorized sloannet press release RE: the death of Bubaiskull

This evening, my friend and co-worker Tim Stewart told me to tell 
those of you who were wondering the following things:

1) Great Slave broke up.  The break up is very messy, Tim and Chris
are very angry.  Bubaiskull is no more.  Allison is not in the 'biz'
for a while, and Brock is back in Horseshoes.

2) There is no chance of Tim and Chris carrying on as Bubaiskull.

3) In Tims words, it couldn't come at a worse time.  The Scarce
connection could have meant a split 7" (but mebe Hardship was 
getting it instead) and then there was the Cargo CD on Murder
(which was probably in trouble considering recent history and the
fact that Murder is now on MCA direct)... actually, I heard Cinnimon
Toast was doin the CD to raise $$$, but not any more.

4) Chris and Tim are probably moving away to a bigger town to work on
their music together.

5) However, they are looking for anyone with decent druming or
guitar skills... mebe they'll stay if e
they get a band together...

Thats it... and now, for a minute of silence....