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I'm Sooooo Happy; RE: The T Hermit Band

For those of you out there that didn't or couldn't get out to
Thrush Hermit last night, too bad!! You missed a GREAT show!
I'm lost for words, it was just so good to see them play again.
The mix was great and the crowd had gotten pretty big and energetic.
For the openers, Essen and Superfriendz was quite small, but there
was an all ages Kurdt (Arrggggh not again) tribute nite next door 
at the Ole. T H played a few new songs, off their Murderecords release
*Smart Bomb* (Cliff; I love the Atari cartridge where can I buy one)
Which was for sale there, I own the first cd version of it sold, 
authenicated and signed by the Honorable Mr. C. Gibb.    :-)
I really liked the fast version of Picturesque, Joel said it was a 
'blast from the past', it took be a while before I recognized it.

Play list:	Picturesque     (from Nobody Famous; 1st Tape)
		Take Another Drag
		French Inhale   (SB)
		Cott		(John Boomer; SB; Marya)
		Hated It	(SB)
		Ex-wife's VCR 
		Every Morning I Reread The Postcards
		All Dressed Up 	(SB)
		Pink Is The Colour   (Ammo; SB)
		Radio Baster	(SB)
		Ghost		(SB, vinyl only)
		Marya		(JB; Marya)

Essen was the first band up, the crowd was pretty small, but they 
played a good set. It was the first time I've seen them since Kim
left the band (She was there I think). They sound a lot differnt with
Flash and ?? (You'll have to fill the names for me Mike) singing, 
they seemed a lot faster than the previous time I've seen them. I got
some gum, but I really wanted a NKOTB candy disk:-(  

Superfriendz I haven't really seen enough to compare their shows, but they
had clean set, except for one broken string. Chris Murphy drummed for them,

Three of Sloan were there, Andrew was the only one missing, neither Pat nor
Jay would give me any hints about a show in the near future:(  Oh well we 
will just have to wait I guess. 


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