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the Herald on bite, jale, capitol

did anyone notice the herald's mention of
the "nova scotia-based acts" going to musicwest
in vancouver may 13-15?  did anyone notice that
along with hardship post and thrush hermit they
mentioned _bite_?   well, julie, even the herald
agrees i guess -- you should move the band here!

thurs apr 14 '94  U.K. GOES TO JALE

	Halifax rock band jale has seen its single
	_Cut_ be acclaimed by the New Musical Express
	in England as a champion.

	The London-based pop music newspaper regularly
	reviews singles andpicks one as the single of
	the week.

	"Hailing from Halifax on Canada's eastern	
	 seaboard, jale sound like debbie harry fronting
	 stereolab in the nicest possible way," says the
	 rag in its March 12 edition.

	The NME, with its competitor Melody Maker, is
	widely consulted by trend-spotters for its take
	on current music.

	jale's debut Sub Pop album should be available
	in mid-July.


	One of the principals behind the proposal to
	re-open the Misty Moon nightclub space has
	withdrawn from the project.

	Greg Clark said Thursday that he has backed 
	out of the frustrating process of starting up
	the Capitol Music Hall but Rob Cohn will
	continue to work toward opening the live
	entertainment venue.

	Clark has instead decided to dedicate himself
	to bettering the Double Deuce, base of Halifax's
	alternative music scene. 

	"I'm sticking with the Deuce," Clark said.  "I
	 may help (Cohn) book.  I wish him well."

	Cohn said Thursday night he was surprised and
	disappointed to have Clark leave the project.

	"It's been getting more and more difficult, 
	 especially the last couple of weeks, timewise,"
	Cohn said from his Halifax home.  "I think Greg
	realized this and the time was a factor...I was
	surprised and it means it'll put more of a burden
	on me and my time, but I'll be talking with Greg
	on a regular basis, especially about bookings.

	"I'm disappointed he pulled out."

	Cohn said Clark's departure will set the club's
	opening date back a few weeks.  He said he'll have
	more firm information early next week about an
	opening date.

	The Double Deuce, a small bar on Hollis Street, has
	garnered international attention for its showcasing
	of local, national, and international alternative
	rock bands.

	Cohn has been part of the music industry in various
	capacities for years and founded the East Coast
	Music Awards.

	"I'm just going to stay with what I've got and make
	 it better...It was not an easy decision," Clark said.

	The pair's plans became public in early March and the
	reopening of the large space has been anticipated by 
	music followers, musicians, and people who want to work
	at the large Barrington Street rock club.  The Misty 
	Moon closed in December after going bankrupt and 
	claiming a debt of about $1.2 million.

	Though the concept of having no one set musical style
	-- something Clark worked with during his tenure at the
	old Pub Flamingo -- was widely spoken about for the new
	club, Clark said the success he's had the last couple 
	of years mostly in the alternative scene may have led
	some people to mistakenly conclude that the Capitol was
	going to be the world's biggest alternative rock bar.
	Clark is starting to think about a second Pop Explosion
	festival after last fall's successful inaugural and said
	he can foresee using the Capitol as a venue if it's 

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