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InterNet Underground Music Archive

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I have received a number of queries about this resource, and for right 
now, I will just distribute the information file about it--soon (he keeps
promising) I will try to outline how we can get local bands to have a 
significant presence in this archive.  It is not very big yet, but it has 
gotten significant write-ups in Billboard and on CNN, and so I expect 
that it will get larger.


IUMA Information File

Information File version 1.5, Last updated February 1, 1994 


ianc\!/sunsite.unc.edu or by phone or mail:

  IUMA                        or     IUMA
  99 Mill Road                       217 Highland Ave, Suite #3
  Santa Cruz, California 95064       Santa Cruz, California 95060
  (408) 457-8910                     (408) 429-5476

Since November 1993, the Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA) has provided
music distribution on the Internet by compressing audio into the internationally
standardized MPEG Audio format. With the Internet experiencing tremendous growth
(20 million current users and hundreds of thousands users added each month) we expect
the Internet Underground Music Archive to be accessible to the majority of people with
computers by the late 1990s.

Our goal is to maintain a publically accessible, fast Internet site that archives the music,
artwork and text of any musician, group or band that wishes their music to be
internationally and freely distributed. The site is currently located: 

 o by WWW: http://sunsite.unc.edu/ianc/index.html 
 o by FTP: sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/electronic-publications/IUMA 
 o by gopher: sunsite.unc.edu, choose: 
    o 5. Worlds of SunSITE 
    o 3. Browse all SunSite Archives 
    o 10. electronic-publications 
    o 2. IUMA 

To have your music made available, it must be:

o Original
o ++++++++

Cover songs are not legal even though no money is involved. Feh, we don't like it, but we
will abide.

o Copyrighted
o +++++++++++

Copyrighting protects the artist making covers of the song illegal. We have info about
copyrighting in the /IUMA/info/copyright directory. Use the word "Copyright" not "(c)"
because at least one "legal expert" expressed that since the letter 'c' is not fully circled,
courts might not "recognize" it as a copyright symbol. 

o Freely Distributable
o ++++++++++++++++++++

That means anyone can freely copy it, and freely copy it for anyone they like. Oftentimes
software authors allow their 'ware' to be distributed this way but demand/suggest/plead
that you mail them a check (usually far below what an equivalent commerical product
would cost). The concept is coined "Shareware". You may, in your textfile, demand that
after one week of playing that a listener must either play your recording at the highest
possible volume or send a check/postcard/picture-of-them-as-a-child to you. They
may choose to ignore your feeble demand. Commerical music is not "freely distributible"
because it "belongs" to a label or publisher.

The IUMA has recently courted some legal experts who will be creating legal templates
ranging from a Public Domain Statement to an All Rights Reserved And I Mean It
Statement for bands and artists to choose from.

We also are authoring a policy that states any music on the IUMA is freely distributable
_only_ in its native form and _only_ for no cost unless we, the IUMA project leaders, give
written permission. This prevents the potential problem of one day finding your song on an
audio CD without the being paid while allowing the inclusion of your song on a computer
CD-ROM or on a "mirror site" (a Internet site that maintains a copy of the IUMA site) for
further distribution or archival purposes.

Clear? Well anyway, here's what to send:

5 minutes of audio

Choose one song recorded using the highest possible fidelity. We will accept DATs, CD,
cassettes and vinyl. Our tape deck has settings for normal bias, high bias, metal cassetes
and DNR B and C.

8-1/2 by 11 inches of artwork

Photographs, artwork, "cybersleeve," finger paintings, what have you with high contrast
for best scanning results. Black and white results in smaller file sizes which is good for the
Net. Any text other than artistic text belongs in the textfile, not above nor below the image.
If you wish, you may also send a PC or Macintosh disk with the image in any common
format. Specify PC or Mac on the disk itself.

2 8-1/2 by 11 inch sides of text

Whether or not someone on the net grabs a copy of your music/art will pivot on this text
because it is likely to their first contact with you. Tell the potential listener about the
musical style, your influences or if you were sober, ha ha, your location, how long the band
has been playing together, your favorite live performance memories, your favorite farm
animal, the song's lyrics, et al.

Please begin with the name of the band and the title of the song.

Please make a list of names of the musicians and what they played.

If you want your image to be placed somewher other than above the text, indicate where
it should be inserted.

IMPORTANT: This would be the right place to include an address for mailing lists/fan
clubs/groupies, advertise for a full demo tape, or beg for patronage . 

Again, you may send a PC or Macintosh disk with text in any common format if you wish
to save us the trouble of typing it up. If you send a handwritten note, please write legibly.

A two sentence summary

Just like the textfile above, but _focus_ on the musical style of your music. Here's an
example by the group Deth Specula,

"Deth Specula is a five-man, guitar-oriented, neo-retro band from Santa Cruz and
plays both originals and covers. To quote Thomas Jefferson, '... they rule ....'" 

A personal note to IUMA

If your tape has more than one song on it, tell us in the note which one you want digitized.
Don't make us choose, like many have, you may regret it, like many have. So that we may
process and cross-index your music properly, please specify:

 o Music genre (i.e. Experimental, Folk, Indie-Rock. Feel free to be explicitly
   unusual or common.) 
 o Location (i.e. Santa Cruz, California, USA) 
 o Approx. length of the song 
 o Mono or Stereo 

Please include phone numbers, times we can reach you in an emergency, and a single
name and mailing address. If you have an email address, fax number, etc. include it as

Any special recording instructions belong in the note such as "use a Dolby Noise
Reduction B" or "feel free to convert the song to mono."

No money at this time but donations are accepted. Donors receive first priority.

The IUMA is run by people dedicated to worldwide distribution of otherwise obscure
bands and artists. Donations pay for not only the digitizing, compressing, scanning and
typing, but also for the maintanence and management of IUMA as a whole. You can
safely assume that we spend about an hour to process, upload, and archive your song,
artwork and textfile. We think US$20 is not asking too much. Foreign currency is
encouraged as it would be interesting. Checks should be payable to IUMA and are not

We do have an /incoming directory for those on the Internet who can perform their own
conversion. However, we must insist that you compress your audio into the MPEG II
audio format, perform the audio digitizing with true CD fidelity (44.1kHz, 16bit, Stereo or
Mono, -90dB SNR) and that you submit files according the specifications described

If you need to have anything returned, please enclose a self-addressed, prepaid,
protective envelope. We'd prefer to keep your "master recording" in our file cabinet due
to the fast and furious changes occuring in audio compression and our site itself. If you
have special needs email ianc\!/sunsite.unc.edu or use the address and telephone
number above.

If you represent a label or more than a single artist, please email/write/call us to discuss

We look forward to hearing your music on the Net.

Robert Lord, Jeff Patterson

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