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THRUSH HERMIT discography version 2

ok...  re-edited version here...
corrections welcome!

THRUSH HERMIT discography, version 2

7" singles

_Ammo_  Cinnamon Toast Records CT006, 1993
Side 1  "Pink is the Colour" (1st version)
Side 2  "Cookie"
        "Rosebody" (1st version)

"Marya"  Genius Records geniJR 016, 1994
Side 1 "Marya"
Side 2 "Simple Universal Leader"
(all tracks identical to _John Boomer_ versions)

_Nobody Famous_  cassette, independent, 1992
"The Topic Being"
"This One's Mine"

_John Boomer_  cassette, independent, 1993
"Simple Universal Leader"
"Cott"  (1st version)
"Rosebody"  (2nd version)

_Smart Bomb_  CD, cassette, murderecords MUR004, 1994
"Hated It"		3:50
"French Inhale"		3:10
"All Dressed Up"	3:15
"Pink Is The Colour"	4:25 (2nd version)
"Cott"			2:11 (2nd version)
"You Got An Answer"	3:20
"Radio Blaster"		3:07

anthologized tracks

"This One's Mine" (from _Nobody Famous_)
_Hear & Now '92_  DTK Records, CD (KILCD 010), 1992

"The Young and the Groomed" (live at the Double Deuce)
_Cod Can't Hear:  The Halifax Independent Music Festival - 1992_
DTK Records, CD (KILCD 011) & cassette (KILCAS ? 011), 1992

"You Are Gone"
_Out Of The Fog Too_
(i don't have this, does anyone have the info?)



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