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SLOAN news (believe it or not)

yes, hard to believe i know, 
but this post is actually about...
*drum roll*

the guys are still down in new york --
they have finished recording the album.
they are now mixing it.

tentative release date -- august 4

apparently jenny (from jale) sang backup
on one of the songs again, as she did for
*smeared* (she was flown down to new york
expressly for this purpose...)

get this though -- jay reports to 
murderecords director colin mackenzie:
one of the songs is nearly ten minutes
long and is mostly piano!  apparently
this is a song contributed by andrew...
says colin:  "he's the art school student!"

they plan to be finished mixing in time
to attend the toronto murderecords showcase
on march 16 which will feature al tuck,
thrush hermit, hardship post, and eric's trip.


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