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Underwhelmed Promo

>	Today I was at my local music store, and they had a couple copies 
>of a promotional single for "Underwhelmed". It only had "Underwhelmed" on 
>it. I was wondering if anyone knows if this promo CD is a collector's 
>item, or is it a common thing to find. I didn't want to put out money, 
>.until I knew.
>	Any replies would be welcome.

I have a USPromo for Underwhelmed and I was under the asssumption that is 
was rare. I only know if two other copies(not owned by the band), well 
now three, of it in Halifax/Dartmouth. How much did they want for it?
What's the cover like? Mine has the band 'hangin' around an old bath tub
and it's kinda blurred. On the back it has the the Smeared cover in 
different colour schemes. The disk itself has a dark blue/grey picture
of a rocket taking off, why i don't know. A freind of mine found one at a 
local used record store for five bucks(+all taxes) in the 'for sale' rack,
I hated him for this for months because I was there later the same day!  
Then a bout four months ago I got talking to a guy selling cd in Dal's 
Student Union Building, (bought -Take it in- promo) and he said he'd keep 
an eye out for it. Then about a month later he was back, and "gave" it to 
me for $3.50:-)
P.S. I didn't even metion Eric's Trip in this post, D'oh!

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