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Chatting with Ms. Outhit

I was at the Cafe Mocha this afternoon, and Alison Outhit of
Great Slave/Bubaiskull was at the table next to me with her SO.
After she bummed a light off me twice, I figured I'd strike up
a conversation.

- She said they're hoping to have something to release by the end
  of April.  They're trying to get funding together, as a previous
  near deal with Cinnamon Toast didn't materialize.

- I mentioned that I really preferred Bubaiskull to Great Slave,
  and she agreed, but said that she was outvoted by Tim and Chris.
  They were tired of giving explanations for the name, which
  included an Icelandic toast, "Blue bicycle", and a goddess of
  fertility.  Alison said most people have said they prefer

- They'll be playing "The Hum" more often with their new drummer.
  Alison said their old drummer had a lot of trouble with it.

- She also said that the dynamic of the band has changed a lot,
  for the better.  This is reflected in the new material they're

- Finally, Great Slave are playing the Deuce on Tuesday night,
  08 March 94.