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Who Cares? Reunion tonight at Cafe Ole


I'm posting this for a friend.  I probably won't even be at the show.

Attention SloanNetters!

    If you like crappy music, horrid vocals, and high volumes, go see the 
worst band that never was.  Yes, that wonderful band of nobodies "Who 

Only $3 in advance or $4.50 at the door.
March 9th, 8:00 pm at Cafe Ole, Barrington Street.

    Otherwise, you can stay home and wear out the grooves even more on 
your worn out "Smeared" albums, or go see Strawberry & Plumtree at the 

    This was an unpaid advertisement from the "Go See Who Cares?" 
committee and their underwhelmed Sloan Fan guitarist Shant Pelley.    

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