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THRUSH HERMIT singles/EP info


the release of *smart bomb* has been put off a bit,
until the end of march.  it will be 7 songs on
c.d./cassette, 8 songs on vinyl.  i don't know how
much the vinyl is gonna cost.  murder charges 
$9 for discs and $6 for tapes, and they ask for
$2.50 for postage for the first item, and 50 cents
for each additional.

apparently you can order the genius single
("marya"/"simple universal leader") through murder...
i assume they would charge you $4 (as does cinnamon

p.o. box 2372 halifax central
halifax ns b3j 3e4


the genius single can be ordered thru murder, as i
mentioned, or through cinnamon toast.  c.t. also
offers the "ammo" seven-inch (ct006, 3 songs).  
they charge $4/single plus $1 postage each.

2464 robie street
halifax ns b3k 4n1

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