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Re: who are spine / bands to watch for

>Pat asks:
>>Who are Spine? 
>they are david ledden, ex of montreal hardcore band "sawtooth",
>and two members of halifax band "samsara".
>>What do they sound like? 
>they have a lot of influences and are hard to pin down,
>but think along the lines of big black and jesus lizard.
>(no, they don't sound like pavement.  well, actually,
>they do, a little bit.)  they are really really good.
>>Any other bands I should be looking for in the future.
>great slave (formerly bubaiskull)
>	- nick cave meets neil diamond meets monster groove grunge.
>	  their self-written description:
>		"bubaiskull suck.  they have a really stupid name.
>		 they can never tour because their guitar player has
>		 a kid and wants to be a lawyer.  their drummer is
>		 always late and threw up on stage in toronto.  the 
>		 bass player is a prick and the singer has deep 
>		 emotional problems.  they all drink too much.  they
>		 don't really like each other, and are always on the
>		 verge of total collapse.
>			however, they are an excellent rock band that
>		 play heavier and louder and more originally than any
>		 other band in the world.  they change people's lives.
>			thank god for bubaiskull."
>	since this was written they have a new name, a new drummer, 
>	and a new manager.  maybe things will pick up for them.  :-)
>horseshoes and handgrenades
>	- wicked bass player/lead screamer/bassist peter is scary, not 
>	  to mention talented.  at a recent gig they played an old 
>	  "six million dollar man" record in the background.  totally
>	  over the top... many people say "best band in halifax, signed
>	  or unsigned"...
>plum tree
>	- four high school girls who are way clever and write early-curesque
>	  stoppy-starty pop with amazing mutant prog-rock guitar solos... 
>	  new single on cinnamon toast which they share with strawberry...
>	  halifax's answer to cub.  halifax's answer to rush.  :-)
>	- from p.e.i., two percussionists, a bassist, and a lead vocalist.
>	  the only band both hip and mellow enough to get crowds of people
>	  to sit cross-legged with stoned expressions on the dance floor 
>	  of the double deuce.  deidre does this weird nervous nod at the
>	  audience after *every* song.  they give people candy.
>al tuck & no action
>	- think giant sand or uncle tupelo or lyle lovett with a 
>	  bluegrass fetish instead of a blues fetish.  rockified
>	  country featuring a new stripped-down band which includes
>	  chris sloan murphy's guitar-whiz brother matt.  (they *are*
>	  brothers, right?)  the next release on murder to follow 
>	  thrush hermit and previous eps by hardship post and eric's trip 
>	  (see all four in toronto march 16).
>and there are other bands, like merge and essen, that are also
>promising but still sound pretty close to their original influences
>(like hardship post did just a year ago...)
>essen are recording a new record but mike should tell you about
>that one 'cause, being the drummer, he knows more about it than
>i do...
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